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Welcome to Skyway Feed & Pet Supply, Inc.

Skyway Feed & Pet Supply, Inc. in Paradise, CA is your one-stop shop for just about any animal supply need. Whether in need of crickets to feed a pet lizard, wishing for the right feeder to attract hummingbirds, or just picking up some kitty litter, we carry it all! Not only do we carry it, but our staff attends monthly trainings to ensure we know how to approach any question or concern with confidence. Our customer-first approach and our staff’s deep commitment to continuing education amongst our 15-person staff, make us the most knowledgeable problem-solvers for all things animal, reptile and livestock related in all of Butte County. Never hesitate to ask our staff anything about your pets or livestock—we seriously love animals! For this reason, we strive to carry on the strong customer service reputation we have gained, in all we do.

Providing Pet & Livestock Feed & Supplies in Paradise, CA

Animals, reptiles and fish are our passion, and we love helping our community by providing first-hand education and information so they know the best ways to care for them. We even have “The Pet Room” in our store where you can learn, hands on, the best ways to care after any domesticated pet. From speaking to and with parrots, to holding your reptile correctly or how to set up a saltwater aquarium in your home, we cover it all.

Do you have horses, chickens, llamas, or pigs? We also carry a variety of feed, hay, supplies and accessories for the small farm enthusiast!

Our Great Selection Of Animals, Reptiles & Fish

Our dometic pets for sale range in size, species and even loudness! We have the ever-singing canary as well as sweet and talkative parrots. We also partner with Paradise Animal Shelter Helpers (PASH) to adopt out shelter cats, helping to save over 100 cats per year. If you’re looking for the truly silent pet, we have an impressive selection of reptiles, as well as rotating offerings of both fresh and saltwater fish. No matter the pet you’re buying from us, we have the supplies you need and can easily special order a specific item you may desire.

Our inventory is extensive!  Come in to Skyway Feed & Pet Supply, Inc. and see our wide array of food and accessories!

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For more information about our animals, and supplies please contact us at 530-877-1019 today!

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