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Birds, Reptiles & Bunnies – Oh My!

We know that domestic pets reach far beyond cats and dogs. This is why we carry a wonderful selection of birds, reptiles and small animals for you to take home. At Skyway Feed & Pet Supply Inc in Paradise, CA we know how to really champion the experience of owning a new pet: from bearded dragons, to chatty parrots and bunnies, we have the supplies and know how to set you up. 

Home Care & Comforts For Your Small Pets:

Our deeply knowledgeable staff is always willing to teach the care and handling of any pet. We will discuss proper feeding times, food selections, and handling to ensure both you and your pet are happy, healthy and safe.

Tropical Bird in Paradise, CA

Just Starting Out In Pet Ownership? How About A Fish? We Have a Great Selection And All The Advice You Need!

We proudly carry the following brands of bird food and treats:

This Really Is—For The Birds: Avian Supplies

Birds have so much personality and can be so much fun! As they are incredibly intelligent, they need to play, explore and interact with you.  You are their new flock! We are happy to discuss the different species of birds to help you select the one that meets your personality and lifestyle for an enjoyable, long-lasting friendship.  There’s a lot to know about birds. We’d love to help educate you about their different needs and requirements.

Our accessories include:

  • Cages
  • Toys
  • Treats
  • Supplements
  • Nest boxes
  • Perches

Very Cute Vertebrates: Reptile Supplies

Have you ever wanted your own personal dragon? We have those! They don’t breathe fire, and they aren’t the size of a house, so they’re far easier to care after. All jokes aside, we do have bearded dragons for sale, as well as a number of other lizards and snakes in the reptile family. They can be great companions, and our staff is well versed in proper handling, cleaning and feeding procedures to support these exotic pets. As certain kinds of reptiles can live anywhere from 5, to 10 or upwards of 15 years, we are happy to make sure you are set up properly for a long-lasting and healthy friendship! We carry all the right containments and decor to create the right environment for them, including proper substrate, lighting and specific manufactured foods for each reptile’s diet. Live mice, live rats, dubai roaches, crickets and mealworms are available for your reptile in the store, at all times.

We carry the best brands for your reptile friends:


Keep Your Pups Well Fed, Check Out The Great Brands We Carry!

Rabbit in Paradise, CA

For The Mini Mammals: Small Pet Supplies

We carry bunnies, guinea pigs, hamsters, and pet rats in our “pet room” and love finding them the perfect new home. As with all of the pets and customers we serve, our staff is always willing to teach the care and handling of these lovable little animals. Keep them well fed, loved and exercised, and you’ve got a loving companion for years to come!

We have a great selection of cages, food, vitamins, bedding, treats, and toys from the following reputable brands:

If you have specific care needs for your small or exotic pet, or are seeking a particular product to make them happy, contact us at 530-877-1019 today!

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