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Cat Food & Care Necessities

Skyway Feed & Pet Supply, Inc. in Paradise, CA partners with the town of Paradise every year to help with cat adoption, placing over 100 cats in forever homes every year. It’s safe to say, we really love cats! Apart from helping them find warm, caring homes, we also help support their health and happiness.


Our staff at Skyway Feed are seriously passionate about pets, and perform monthly trainings to remain consistent, up to date, and deeply knowledgeable about every product on the shelf. From helping find the right toys to bring your cat out from under the bed, to advice on switching food if they’re experiencing any health challenges, we are confident in our cat cognition.

Cat Food:

If anything, we can admit that some cats can be a little picky. For this reason, we offer a huge selection of food and treats to keep your cat well fed and feeling loved. We provide a great selection of wet, dry, frozen and freeze dried foods to ensure our ability to feed every kind of cat breed, age and temperament.

Cat Food in Paradise, CA
Cat Grooming in Paradise, CA

Cat Grooming & Health Supplies:

While cats do the majority of their own grooming, it is key to their health and happiness that their coat and claws stay clean and healthy. To avoid expensive veterinary trips, it is essential to keep their paws clear of litter box debris, to keep their fur clean, and to make sure their ears are free from bacteria or mites. We can help with all of this!

Skyway Feed & Pet Supply, Inc. keeps an impressive selection of grooming and health supplies, such as:

  • Brushes
  • Clippers
  • Trimmers
  • Shampoos
  • Vitamin and Mineral Supplements
  • Skin and Coat Supplements
  • Glucosamine
  • Flea and Tick Control

Cat Crates & More

Give your cat the freedom to roam your yard, a park or even go for a walk with you! We also carry products to keep cats out of spaces they aren’t safe to be in.

  • Gates
  • Doors, for indoor/outdoor cats


  • Cat Carriers
  • Cat Leashes
  • Cat Harnesses

We carry cat leashes and harnesses from these brands:

  • Catit
  • Coastal Pet Products
  • Premier
  • PJ Fox Leather
Cat Carriers in Paradise, CA
Cat Toys in Paradise, CA

Cat Toys

From scratching posts, to play houses and speedy mouse toys, we know how to keep cats happy, entertained and well exercised. We also know your cat might love a toy one month, and completely lose interest the next, so we are sure to keep well priced and varying playthings for your curious cats. We carry brands such as:

  • Kong
  • JW Pet
  • Ethical
  • Turbo
  • Catit
  • Jackson Galaxy
  • Vee Enterprises
  • Our Pets
  • Yeowww
  • Pet Link
  • Penn Plax
  • Coastal

We’re located at 5990 Foster Paradise, CA 95969; come on by to see our broad selections of cat toys, food and more. You can also contact us  at 530-877-1019 today with any questions or special orders!

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