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Goods For The Small Farm & Wildlife Enthusiast:

At Skyway Feed & Pet Supply Inc in Paradise, CA, we don’t just love domestic pets; we love all animals! If you’re starting a small farm, already run one, or simply wish to attract a certain kind of wildlife to your property, look no further!

Chicken Feed in Paradise, CA

Chicken: Before & After The Egg

If you are just starting out on the mission to produce your own eggs, we have everything you need! From February to July, on a week-to-week basis, Skyway Feed offers a variety of baby chick species to get started with and has a great offering of baby chick starter feed and chicken coops to set you up properly. If you are expanding your coop, we’re happy to help with that too.

Do You Have A Finicky Cat? We Keep A Great Selection To Keep Them Happy!

Excellent Equine Care

There is a lot that goes into the care of these beautiful and majestic animals, none of which is less important than the other. Horses are a lot of work, and worth every moment! Skyway Feed & Pet Supply Inc maintains a choice selection of horse wormers, wound care, grooming supplies, vitamin and mineral supplements, halters, treats, and barnyard toys to provide the utmost care for your horses.

Feed For The Farm Or In The Wild:

We also offer feed for goats, llamas, alpaca, pigs, game birds and waterfowl.  For the convenience of the small farm, we offer baled alfalfa, beardless wheat and straw. We provide the following feed for your farm animals, and the welcomed wild ones.

Equine Care
Bird Feeders

Attract The Wildlife You Want, Keep The Rest Out!

Bird watching does not have to be confined to hiking in the wild; bring the birds you love to watch, right to your own backyard! We provide specific nectars and feeders to attract your favorite birds. We also offer a great selection of specialty seed mixes and will help you make the right choice to bring in the birds you truly enjoy watching.

We carry feeders to attract squirrels and chipmunks too! However, if you wish to keep those furry food hounds away from your bird seed, we provide secure feeders that discourage them, as well.

For more information about our farm and wildlife offerings contact us at 530-877-1019 today!

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