example graphicSkyway Feed and Pet Supply is your local authorized Purina Mills dealer providing quality feed for the small farm enthusiasts. Purina Mills' product line includes the very popular Equine Senior, Equine Adult, Equine Junior, and Omolene as well as a complete line of chicken, pig, llama, goat, rabbit, and deer feed. Purina Mills is also the manufacturer of the Mazuri brand of specialty animal, bird, koi, and reptile feeds.

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example graphicDuring the season, Skyway Feed offers a variety of baby chick species from week to week. From baby chick starter feed to chicken coops, everything needed is available for those wanting to produce their own eggs.

Horse wormers, wound care, grooming supplies, vitamin and mineral supplements, halters, treats, and barnyard toys are available to provide excellent care for horses.

example graphicBy providing specific needs and nectars as well as specific feeders, it is possible to attract the birds you love to your yard. Skyway Feed offers a great selection of specialty seed mixes and will help you make the selection to fit your preference.

Squirrel feed and feeders are here for those who love them, and squirrel-proofing devices are available for those who want to discourage them.