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Home Aquariums

Skyway Feed & Pet Supply, Inc., located in Paradise, CA, has everything you need to set up a gorgeous home aquarium. From freshwater fish bowls for a little goldfish or singular betta, to massive saltwater tanks filled with coral and vibrantly colored fish that can change the entire aesthetic of a room, we carry it all.

Underwater Plants in Paradise, CA

Aquatic Knowledge & Equipment:

Fostering connections with excellent and ethically based sources is very important to us. As a result, we are proud to provide a beautiful assortment of both fresh and saltwater fish and aquatic life, receiving new fish of varying species, weekly.

The managers and associates in the Fish Department can guide the novice through the set-up and maintenance of new tanks. Our well educated staff is able to offer suggestions to the enthusiasts in both freshwater aquariums, as well as the amazing world of saltwater fish, soft coral and reef tanks.

Cat and fishbowl

Keep Your Cats Away From Your Aquarium With Our Great Selection Of Toys!!


  • Complete aquarium kits
  • Tanks
  • Stands
  • Hoods,
  • Fluorescent Lights
  • LED Lights
  • Live Plants
  • Artificial Plants
  • Gravel
  • Live Rock
  • Live Sand


  • Air Pumps
  • Diffusers
  • Medications
  • Supplements
  • Water stabilizers
  • Canister filters
  • Hang on the back filters
  • Replacement Filters
  • Filter media
  • Media reactor





  • Heaters
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Pelleted Food
  • Flaked Food
  • Frozen Food
  • Coral foods and supplements
  • Live feeders
  • Blood worms
  • Decor
  • Pond Supplements





For more information about setting up a home or office aquarium, contact us  at 530-877-1019 or come by the store, today!

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