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Meet The Team Of Animal, Fish & Reptile Experts!

Located in Paradise, CA Since 2001

At Skyway Feed & Pet Supply, Inc. in Paradise, CA you will find a retail and warehouse space peppered perfectly with our incredible staff. If there is ever a question related to pet or livestock care, you can be confident our staff will guide you in the best direction, backed by their monthly trainings and already impressive base of knowledge.

Meet The Management Team!

Below are just a few members of the team you can rely on for indisputably astute advice on all animal, reptile and fish needs.

RosaLee Colgrave

RosaLee Colgrave, President/Owner

RosaLee purchased Skyway Feed & Pet Supply, Inc. as an existing retail business in 2001. While operating in a warehouse-style, unheated building, she grew the business so successfully that just 3 years later Skyway Feed was literally bursting out of its space.

In 2005 the business was moved to its present location in downtown Paradise. Skyway Feed now operates in 9,200 sq. ft. of showroom, warehouse and office space, with customer counts and sales increasing steadily.

RosaLee has made it the mission of Skyway Feed & Pet Supply, Inc. to provide the most complete selection of pet and feed products to the residents of the surrounding communities. With customer service as her driving force, she has heard the requests of her customers and has grown the product lines to reflect the needs of her community. In the ever-changing pet industry, RosaLee stays abreast of the latest developments and products and is continually modifying the products at Skyway Feed & Pet Supply, Inc. to offer the latest innovations. She attends pet conventions and seminars to stay abreast of the latest news in the industry and provides monthly trainings for all employees.

Excellent customer service is her passion. At Skyway Feed & Pet Supply, Inc., you will encounter a most pleasurable shopping experience with a friendly, knowledgeable, helpful staff. This is the result of her dedicated efforts to recapture a personal shopping experience and we’re excited to extend this to you, too.

Holly Pitruzzello

Holly Pitruzzello, Manager

Holly is a third-generation Paradise resident and graduated from a private high school in 2004. As a teenager, her first work experience was as a Sales Associate at Skyway Feed & Pet Supply, Inc.

Holly worked for Skyway Feed for two years before traveling to Ireland for work and life experiences from 2008 to 2010.

Lucky for us, in 2010 she returned to Paradise and came back to work at Skyway Feed. She enrolled in the management training program and in 2013 was promoted to store manager. Her ability to lead and direct a productive staff of 15 people speaks volumes to her personal strengths.

Pet health and nutrition are Holly’s expertise. Her knowledge of pet issues is invaluable in assisting customers with solutions for the specific needs of their pets. Holly’s kind and gentle approach serves her well in an industry where pets have become “family members.” She has a concerned approach to problem solving, that our customers love.

Under Holly’s leadership Skyway Feed has earned a reputation for great customer service and having a well-trained, knowledgeable staff. Skyway Feed & Pet Supply, Inc. is very grateful to Holly for her dedication to our success, and to the ever-changing pet industry.

Rebecca Parker

Rebecca (Becky) Parker, Assistant Manager

Becky was raised in Sacramento, California and migrated north to Chico in 1995 before moving to the Town of Paradise.

Her previous work experience was in real estate as an onsite property manager, where she was then promoted to corporate manager of the property management company.

Becky loves motorcycling! She will confess it was her love of riding that, for years, kept her in Paradise with easy access to the Sierra Mountains. She is an animal lover who first discovered Skyway Feed & Pet Supply, Inc. while out walking her black lab. Skyway Feed soon became a mandatory stop on the walking circuit where her lab, Olive, became the employees’ favorite customer.

In 2012 the opportunity arose for Becky to join the staff of Skyway Feed & Pet Supply, Inc. The extensive research she did, in a quest to find the best nutrition for her pets, soon had her being sought out by our customers to assist in solving their pet’s needs. Becky feels she has found her true calling in serving the needs of our customers and their four-legged companions.

In 2017 Becky was promoted to Assistant Manager. Her kind, attentive service to our customers has earned her great love and respect at Skyway Feed. We appreciate so much her cheerful concern in dealing with both the customers and staff.

Vanessa DeTomasi

Vanessa (Dee) DeTomasi, Product Manager

Dee is a Northern California girl who was raised in the Bay Area town of Crockett. She graduated from John Swett High School in 2004 and began her work experience in a local coffee and sandwich shop.

Even as a teenager, Dee managed a deli/market/restaurant where her customer service earned her love and respect from her regular customers.

Dee joined the staff at Skyway Feed & Pet Supply, Inc. as a Sales Associate in 2009. She has a particular interest in animal husbandry so when she joined our staff, she tasked herself with researching specific animal and fish propensities for diseases and possible cures. Customers frequently came to her for advice with their questions. Dee’s research has assisted Skyway Feed in our efforts to be “everything pet, before the vet”. We can help maintain the health of your pets, saving you hundreds in veterinary bills.

Dee was promoted to Assistant Manager in 2012. She managed the staff and began doing much of the weekly orders for product. In 2017, her aptitude for product management led to the creation of the position of Product Manager. Dee now manages the ordering of approximately 8,000 SKUs to maintain the extensive inventory offered at Skyway Feed. Customers particularly appreciate the service of special orders provided by Skyway Feed that Dee researches and manages. 

Dee’s attention to detail has certainly assisted with the success that Skyway Feed & Pet Supply, Inc. has achieved. Thank you Dee!

Christopher McLaughlin

Christopher (Chris) McLaughlin, Warehouse Manager

Chris was born in Germany and immigrated to the United States with his parents at the age of 2. He was raised in the community of Butte Meadows then moved to Paradise and Magalia as an adult.

Chris has the amazing habit of working for fun and entertainment! However, in his spare time he can be found on the basketball court in competitive, neighborhood games or motorcycling the back roads of Butte County.

Chris joined the Skyway Feed & Pet Supply, Inc. team in 2010. Within a few months he was managing the receiving and warehousing of products. He has an aptitude for organization that keeps the warehouse, hay yard and showroom looking great and functioning smoothly.

Chris became interested in aquariums a few years ago, and now proudly displays a masterfully developed saltwater aquarium of hard and soft coral and anemone. His enthusiasm is contagious. Other staff members, as well as customers, seek out Chris for solutions and suggestions on the development of their tanks. Chris has voluntarily assumed the responsibility of upgrading and servicing the tanks at Skyway Feed and his research has kept our store on the forefront of the ever-changing world of saltwater aquariums.

We are honored to have Chris with us as an integral part of the business. He is appreciated by the customers and staff for his easy laugh and helpful attitude.

Cally Tidey

Cally Tidey, Office Manager

Cally moved to Paradise as a child. She was married in 2005 and purchased the very house her grandmother owned for years.

Cally is a wonderful example of the successful working woman, carrying the responsibilities of wife, mother and career employee.

Cally joined the Skyway Feed & Pet Supply, Inc. sales team in 2009. She brought her previous retail experience and enthusiastic customer service spirit along. As a Sales Associate in the Fish Department, Cally researched and provided invaluable information about new species to expand the salt and freshwater fish varieties. 

In 2011, when the position of Office Manager became available, Cally was promoted. Her love of organization and attention to detail has kept the Accounting Department running smoothly. In addition to the office responsibilities, Cally has become our event coordinator, too. Her creative thinking is exemplified by the success of our annual Customer Appreciation Day. With the growing social media presence of Skyway Feed, Cally has assisted in providing an exciting and interactive online exposure for the store.

Skyway Feed & Pet Supply, Inc. is very fortunate to have found in Cally a person with the dedication needed to excel in this position. 

We encourage you to come in to the store, check out our massive inventory, and meet our excellent staff, any time! We’re located at 5990 Foster Paradise, CA 95969, or you can contact us at 530-877-1019 with any questions!

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